Raven on a Writing Desk

No Use Crying Over Spilled Ink

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31 July 1970
Atlanta, Georgia, United States
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Coosa High School - Rome GA (1983 - 1987)
Berry College - Rome GA (1985 - 1986)
Emory University - Atlanta GA (1987 - 1991)
Georgia State University - Atlanta GA (1993 - 1994)
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absurdity, acting, algebra, alice in wonderland, anthropomorphic art, arithmetic, australia, band geeks, bell curves, bondage, bratty subbing, buffyverse, calico cats, calligraphy, commedia dell'arte, compassion, contra dancing, corsets, cryptic crosswords, ded bob, demonology, drama geeks, drum corps, etymology, f/x makeup, faeries, filking, free will, freedom, furry, geometry, ghost stories, girl genius, haunted houses, heraldry, illumination, intelligence, ireland, italy, jews, joss whedon, jungian archetypes, kabalah, leather, libertarians, liberty, logic puzzles, lost, macintosh computers, magick, marching band, medical drama, medical transcription, monsters, motorcycles, mucks, mysteries, narnia, new wave, nyt crossword, oxford commas, pagans, polyamory, pregnancy, probability, rocky horror, role-playing, sable fur, sca, sci-fi fandom, shinies, supernatural, talking heads, tarot cards, the golden ratio, theater, underworld passages, vanilla sex, victorian literature, waffle house, wicca, wildlife, witchcraft, xenophilia, zombies
Long-time nerd, purple-polka-dotted sheep of my family. Lover of all things geek -- I am a geek groupie.

I was adopted at birth, born in St. Petersburg, Fla. We moved to Georgia in 1977 and although I've moved away several times, I keep coming back. Almost all the important people are here, but mostly the important roads.

At the moment, my life goals are to get a motorcycle, have a successful career as a medical transcriptionist, learn yoga, have a baby, create my own website, and master my technology. I don't want to be rich, but famous seems like fun. I keep asking the big questions, in the hope that one day I will become enlightened. Actually, one day I did become enlightened, but just that one day.

This is my paypal button. Isn't it pretty? I got it when I escaped from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Now I'm keeping it so I know where it is if I ever have a good reason to ask people for money.