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Raven on a Writing Desk

No Use Crying Over Spilled Ink

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31 July 1970
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Long-time nerd, purple-polka-dotted sheep of my family. Lover of all things geek -- I am a geek groupie.

I was adopted at birth, born in St. Petersburg, Fla. We moved to Georgia in 1977 and although I've moved away several times, I keep coming back. Almost all the important people are here, but mostly the important roads.

At the moment, my life goals are to get a motorcycle, have a successful career as a medical transcriptionist, learn yoga, have a baby, create my own website, and master my technology. I don't want to be rich, but famous seems like fun. I keep asking the big questions, in the hope that one day I will become enlightened. Actually, one day I did become enlightened, but just that one day.

This is my paypal button. Isn't it pretty? I got it when I escaped from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Now I'm keeping it so I know where it is if I ever have a good reason to ask people for money.

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