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I don't want to!

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It's not like Saturday, and it's not fair.  I have another 6-8 hours of work to do by (some vague time) Monday, including unpaid work like reviewing my QA evaluations, mailing /faxing my "I understand the privacy policy," and writing a report for the last quarter in my volunteer position.  I've been doing this for a 50-60 hour week already, and I don't feel like I worked hard and well.  I feel like I didn't get paid.  I was cross-training, so I got paid for something like 5-1/2 days instead of the 7 it feels like I've worked.

I feel like I'm on the hamster wheel, and the day is beautiful, and I don't WANT to be here. 

But I honestly don't know what else to do.

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